• Two modes of shifter included
  • "H" mode (7R, 6R, 5R y 7R type2) precise and firm 
  • Sequential mode (+/-) with short travel hard and solid
  • Change between modes in 5 seconds with a twist of the wrist
  • Magnetic sensors without physical contact, no wear or loss of operation
  • Fiber Carbon top plates
  • CNC machined internal mechanism in ultra-resistant POM
  • CNC machined stainless steel rod
  • Body in top quality 3D printed PLA
  • Two types of knobs included: Type "H" (ball) and type "Sequential" (long knob)
  • Possible knob heights from 120 to 140mm (complete shifter measures here)
  • Possibility of using real universal knobs (M18x1.5 or rod diameter 8mm)


  • Body with 4 colours to choose
  • 4 types of top plates in option; 7R, 6R, 5R and 7R type2
  • Logo and/or customizable text
  • Adjustable spring hardness in H mode
  • Adjustable spring hardness in SEQ mode
  • Adjustable sensor activation
  • Possibility of more personalizations (+info)


  • O.S. Windows 7/8/10/11
  • It does not work on Xbox or PS, nor through any ports on wheels
  • Connection via USB (180cm), plug & play; does not need a steering wheel to work
  • All types of eligible mounting options:
  • Mounting options compatible with cockpits prepared for "Logitech", "Thrustmaster" and "Fanatec" shifters
  • Mount ready for cockpits with grooved profile (anclaje bottom or Side mount)
  • Table mount for thickness between 0 and 55mm
  • L-bracket for screwing to cockpits with grooved profile and/or customized cockpits
  • Possibility of customized mounting options (consult)

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