About us

Our company

SHH Shifter is a small company located in Irun, Spain. We do not have a physical store because of the high maintenance costs and because 99% of the sale is made outside the local area

Our team and product

SHH Shifter uses 7 3D printers and the best of tools; the human hand for a perfect finish and fit of the pieces. All the mechanical parts with internal movement and wear are made with the best commercial plastic for this use, POM (Polyoxymethylene), by third companies dedicated to Computer Numerical Control (CNC), which ensures a perfect operation and durability. All mechanical parts with internal movement are made with the best commercial plastic for this use, POM (Polyoxymethylene), by third-party companies dedicated to Computer Numerical Control (CNC), which ensures perfect functioning and durability. The plates are made of Carbon Fiber, with extraordinary resistance, and the shift rod is also CNC machined stainless steel.


"The product is simply extraordinary, the quality of the shifter is light years away from that of the G27 and for a really good price, the option of change in H and sequential is great, moving from one mode to another is very easy: tighten down and turn the lever and give a switch Windows recognizes it as a generic USB joystick, so it is very easy to install (no need to install drivers or anything) and the simulators recognize it without problems (I have tested Assetto Corsa and iRacing) On the other hand, the treatment is very cordial and you are informed of the status of the order at all times.If I have to put a con; the connection cable is a bit short (1.60cm) .If you have the computer away and want to have the cables a bit organized, you will need an almost certain extension, very happy with the purchase and the treatment received! "


"I have to say that before I bought it I looked for opinions and only found good ones.After it arrived I can only say that I do not regret buying it, the wait was worth it, it works perfect and has a great touch. The only small defect is that the fixing screws to the table are quite close together and it is difficult to tighten them, but it is not important because once mounted you do not have to touch it again because it does not move a millimeter, the fastening system is much better than in the G29 shifter. For me it is a product totally recommended both the shifter and the treatment received from the company. "


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