These general conditions of sale regulate all the relationships between

The company SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. and its Internet users ("The client").

Before making any transaction, the customer acknowledges knowing and declares accepting these conditions from the moment he clicks on the Accept button.

1 / Special conditions of sale

The customer acknowledges knowing, at the time of placing the order, the particular conditions of sale indicated on the screen (name, component price, quantity, color, details of the products, etc.) and expressly declares to accept them without reservation. The execution of the order and its confirmation by the client materialize the full and complete acceptance of the particular conditions of sale, only applicable to the order.

2 / Order

The customer places the order by clicking on the "ADD TO CART" tab. You can add "extras" or more units by clicking first on the "Continue shopping" button and then on the tab of the desired section. Once you have added everything you want to buy you can access the "Cart" and you can make the payment by clicking on "Pass through the box". You must follow all the steps and accept the privacy policy of personal data, confirm the conditions of purchase and payment terms through the "Paypal" system, which makes the purchase much safer thanks to your guarantees to the buyer without any additional charge .

3 / Order confirmation

SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. confirms the acceptance of your order to the customer via email. The sale will not end until SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. confirms the order. SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. reserves the right not to confirm an order for a specific reason such as the supply of products, a problem relating to the order received (eg erroneous order data), an abnormal order or a foreseeable problem relating to the delivery. SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. will inform the customer.

4 / Terms of delivery of orders

The customer must take charge to notify SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. if the data of his account (name and address) are wrong or if he wants to send the order to another place, since SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. will use this data for the shipment. SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. reserves the right to use all necessary means to carry out the delivery of the products at the address indicated by the customer. Deliveries will be made worldwide. In the shipments to the Canary Islands and countries outside the EU, when accepting the general conditions, the client undertakes to pay the customs expenses if any.

5 / Deadlines

SHH Shifter THORN and accessories: Shipments will be made with a maximum delay of 7 business days from the date given in the confirmation email, EXCEPT WHEN THERE IS A WARNING WITH A LATER DATE ON THE COVER OF THE PAGE. If any technical problem arose in production, the client would be notified as soon as possible for possible cancellation without charge if the client so desired.

COG-SHH-3DOF Motion System and accessories: Shipments will vary depending on available stock. If any technical problem arose in production, the client would be notified as soon as possible for possible cancellation without charge if the client so desired.

6 / Delivery and receipt of orders

Shipping costs will be automatically calculated based on the chosen product and the destination country. The customer will be required to pay them at the time of placing the order. Upon placing an order, the customer agrees to sign the delivery receipt presented by the person making the delivery, in which they may include any necessary observations. By signing the delivery receipt, the customer acknowledges having received the number of packages indicated therein.

SHH Shifter THORN and accessories: If the customer observes damaged products or missing items, they must file a claim with Customer Relations Service via email at within a maximum period of three days.

COG-SHH-3DOF Motion System and accessories: If the customer observes damaged products or missing items, they must file a claim with Customer Relations Service via email at within a maximum period of three days.

When placing an order, the customer agrees to sign the receipt form presented by the person making the delivery, which may include all the observations it deems necessary. By signing the receipt form, the client acknowledges having received the number of packages indicated therein. If the customer observes damaged products or lack of products, he must make a claim in the Customer Relations Service by e-mail to within a maximum period of three days.

Any event, such as force majeure, sinister, strike, administrative decision or transport strike that delays, prevents or causes the supply to be exorbitant, constitutes, by express agreement, a clause of suspension or termination of the obligations of SHH SIMULATIONS S.L., without compensation for the benefit of the client if the event takes place for more than 15 days. In these circumstances, the client will be exempted, completely and automatically, from his obligations regarding his order.

SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. will inform the client through any appropriate means and the same day that the event occurs so that he can freely cancel his orders by e-mail response once the event has been notified.

When the delivery of the merchandise to the customer can not be made due to the latter, SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. reserves the possibility to invoice you for resending expenses equal to those paid for the first time.

7 / Shipping company

Deliveries will be made by the transportation company chosen for each area (Fedex, SEUR, Zeleris, Correos, etc) during normal business hours. Select the shipping address so that someone can receive the package. The responsibility if the customer does not receive the order for being absent at the time of delivery will be from the customer, SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. may re-charge return costs if any.

8 / Price

All prices are in Euros and they are final prices (and include VAT only in the European Union). The price invoiced to the customer is the price indicated in the order confirmation sent by SHH SIMULATIONS S.L.. The payment of the products and services are made by Paypal, credit card or bank transfer in a secure server environment.

If there are customs expenses, these will be borne by the buyer.

9 / Products sheet

The infographics that show the products are given as an indication. The differences between infographics and products are minimal and do not affect the essential characteristics of the products. The color of the products displayed in the virtual store may differ from the actual color of the product depending on the configuration of your screen.

10 / Payment terms

The requested products will start to be built and later will be sent after payment through Paypal or its alternative platform for credit card payments without a Paypal account.

11 / Security of private information (National Commission for Information and Freedom)

SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. is obligated to protect your private information. The personal data collected during your connection to our commercial site will only be used to process your order. We will not sell, rent or disclose your personal data to any person (or third parties).

12 / Information requested

By placing orders through the site, you consent to SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. using personal information about you, communicated by you or collected through the operation of the site. This information (names, e-mail address, postal address, etc.) is necessary so that we can process your orders.

13 / Security of personal data

Order shipments (which contain your account information) are carried out through a secure server. The security program (SSL) encrypts all the information you enter before it is sent to us. Additionally, message transmissions are protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

COG-SHH-3DOF Motion System: The customer agrees that our technical team may use their personal data such as name, surname, address, and email for the management and processing of the product control software license. Once completed, the customer will receive several confirmation emails with the download link for the control software as well as the serial number for its activation.

14 / Warranty

The client will benefit from the 2 year legal warranty of hidden defects in the products sold. All our products are designed and manufactured with the greatest possible care. However, the warranty will not be valid if failures or damages occur due to incorrect handling, lack of maintenance or care contrary to our instructions for use. The buyer should consult the instructions and the appropriate recommendations found in the mode of use provided with the product.

15 / Right to resend the goods and withdrawal period

The customer will have a period of 14 days to cancel and return an order for a purchase made on, without indicating the reason and without incurring any costs. This return must be notified no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. The product to be returned must be in an intact state and the use given to it must have complied with the instructions for use. The customer must assume the direct cost of returning the purchase. The customer will be responsible for damages caused by poor or inadequate protection (whether due to insufficient use of bubbles or similar products for protection, poor positioning of these or other protection systems, shipping in a weak and inadequate box, etc.). In these cases the client will be responsible for reducing the amount of the initial cost returned. We may withhold the refund until we have received the product to be returned and have certified that the conditions of use have been met and that the protection given for the return has been correct. If any of these points are not met, SHH SIMULATIONS SL reserves the right to make a partial refund of the original payment, depending on the damages found.

The customer must return or deliver the goods to:

Lekaenea 16-2ºizq
20301 Irun

16 / Intellectual property

When you connect to the Internet site of SHH SIMULATIONS S.L., owner of all intellectual property rights of the same, the client may not copy or download all or part of its content, without prior and express authorization of SHH SIMULATIONS S.L. 

17 / Get in touch with us

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